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2020 Legislative Session

Highlighted items have been signed into law by the Governor

Primary Sponsored Bills

HB0575: Education - Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness and Prevention Program - Human and Sex Trafficking

HB0617/CH0624: Public and Nonpublic Schools - Medical Cannabis - Policy for Administration During School Hours and Events (Connor and Raina's Law)

HB0685/CH0303: Harford County - Workers' Compensation - Permanent Partial Disability - Detention and Correctional Officers and Deputy Sheriffs

HB1051(SB0910): Public Health - Solemn Covenant of the States to Award Prizes for Curing Diseases - Compact

HB1073: Law Enforcement Officers' Pension System - Military Service Credit

HB1273/CH0452: Health Insurance - Audits of Pharmacies or Pharmacists - Authorization to Withdraw and Resubmit Claims

HB1274: Criminal Procedure - Questioning of Minors by Police Officers

HB1279: Pharmacists - Refills of Prescriptions - Dispensing Requirements

HB1486: Public Health - Non-Cotrolled Substance Prescription Record System Program

HB1519: Homeowners Associations - Assessments - Lien Priority

Cosponsored Bills

HB0010: Public Buildings - Changing Facilities - Personal Care for Adults

 HB0012/CH0023: Department of Veterans Affairs - Homes for Veterans - Veterans of Uniformed Service

HB0038: Vehicle Laws - Failure to Pay Video Toll - Penalties

HB0052: Local Government - Lemonade Stands - Prohibition on Regulation by Local Law

HB0071: Maryland Funding Accountability and Transparency Act - Nonbudgeted State Agencies

HB0072: Maryland Transportation Authority - Video Streaming and Archiving - Open Meetings

HB0085: Harford County - Alcholoic Beverages - Inspectors

HB0100: Maryland Agricultural Commission - Hemp Industry Member

HB0104: Harford County - Alcoholic Beverages Licenses - Business Records

HB0105: Harford County - Alcoholic Beverages - License Fees

HB0106/CH0602: Health Occupations - Morticians and Funeral Directors - Apprenticeships

HB0141/CH0073: Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Corporation Act - Revisions

HB0192: Department of General Services - Energy-Conserving Standards (Maryland Sustainable Buildings Act of 2020)

HB0217: Motor Vihicle Registration - Exception - City of Havre de Grace

HB0235: State Government - Department of Information Technology - Cybersecurity

HB0243: Cemeteries - Perpetual Care - Distributio From Perpetual Care Trust Fund

HB0259/CH0139: Health Occupations - Diagnostic Evaluation and Treatment of Patients - Disciplinary Actions (The Patient's Access to Integrative Healthcare Act of 2020)

HB0265: Handgun Qualification License - Training Requirement - Exemption

HB0283: Criminal Law - Kratom - Prohibition

HB0286: Public Health - Maternal Mortality Review Program - Stakeholders

HB0292: Toll Roads, Highways, and Bridges - County Government Consent Requirement - Expansion

HB0306: Harford County - Alcoholic Beverages - Waiver From Distance Restrictions

HB0331: Public Schools - Medical Cannabis - Guidelines for Adminstration to Students (Connor's Courage)

HB0332/CH0172: Mental Health - Confidentiality of Medical Records and Emergency Facilities List

HB0405: State House Trust - Lawyer's Mall - Thurgood Marshall Memorial Statues

HB0409/CH0198: Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Participation of School Based Health Centers - Regulations

HB0447/CH0560: Health Insurance - Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders - Coverage

HB0455/CH0211: Health Insurance - Mental Health Benefits and Substance Use Disorder Benefits - Reports on Nonquantitative Treatment Limitations and Data

HB0456: Maryland Department of Health - Public Health Outreach Programs - Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's Disease, and Other Types of Dementia

HB0464: Public Health - Overdose and Infectious Disease Prevention Services Program

HB0513: Transportation - Toll Discount Plans - Francis Scott Key Bridge

HB0516: Public Schools Students - Daily Physical Activity (Student Health and Fitness Act)

HB0543/CH0239: Estates and Trusts - Closed Estates - Subsequent Discovery of Check

HB0545/CH0243: State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners - Cease and Desist Orders and Civil Penalties

HB0547/CH0247: Health - Maryland Children's Service Animal Program - Establishment

HB0551: Health Occupations - Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants - Qualifications

HB0581: Public Safety - Fire Fighting Foam and PFAS Chemicals

HB0583/CH0264: State Procurement - Payment of Employee Health Care Expenses - Revisons

HB0608: Correctional Services - Prerelease Unit for Women - Requirement to Operate

HB0619/CH0276: Environment - Use of Fire Fighting Foam and PFAS Chemicals

HB0624: Juvenile Law - Child Interrogation Protection Act

HB0631/CH0279: State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators - Board Membership

HB0632: Vehicle Laws - Registration - Renewal

HB0643: End of Life Option Act (Richard E Israel and Roger "Pip" Moyer Act)

 HB0652/CH0614: Maryland Medical Assistance Program and Health Insurance - Specialty Drugs - Definition

HB0656: Pharmacists - Administration of Self Administered Medications and Maintenance Injectable Medications (The Christopher King Access to Treatment Act)

HB0691/CH0568: Health Occupations - Nurse Practitioners - Certifications of Competency and Incapacity

 HB0706: Commission on LGBTQ Affairs - Established

HB0728: Employment Discrimination - Time for Filing Complaints

HB0749/CH0311: Health Occupations - Dental Hygienists - Authority to Prescribe and Administer Medication

HB0772: Maryland Green Purchasing Committee - Food and Beverage Procurement - Greenhouse Gas Emissions

HB0781/CH0324: Health Insurance - In Vitro Fertilization - Revisions

HB0817/CH0333: Regulations Affecting Small Businesses - Certification of Comparable Local Regulation

HB0837/CH0337: Public Health - Maternal Mortality and Morbidity - Implicit Bias Training and Study

HB0847/CH0341: State Coordinator for Autism Strategy and Advisory StakeHolder Group on Autism Related Needs

HB0852/CH0343: Health Insurance - Prostate Cancer Screening Services - Prohibiting Cost - Sharing

HB0868: State and Public School Holidays - Designation and Observance

 HB0970/CH0352: Natalie M. LaPrade Medicl Cannabis Commission - Compassionate Use Fund - Revisions (The Fakiza Rahman Act)

HB0880/CH0355: Maryland Healthy Working families Act - Family Member - Definition

HB0882: Financial Institutions - Abandoned Property - Notice and Records

HB0915/CH0365: Health Facilities - Hospitals - Disclosure of Outpatient Facility Fees (Facility Fee Right-to-Know Act)

HB0929: Motor Vehicles - Motorcycles - Overtaking and Passing Vehicles

HB0926: Hospitals and Freestanding Medical Facilities - Closing or Partial Closing - Public Notice

HB0935/CH0377: Health Facilities - Freestanding Ambulatory Care Facilities - Administratio of Anesthesia

HB0936: Health Occupations - Advanced Practice Registered Nurses - Delegation of Tasks

HB0939/CH0379: State Board of Dental Examiners - Practice of Dentitstry - Revisions

HB0947/CH0385: Health Occupations - Violations of the Maryland Dentistry Act - Penalties and Cease and Desist Orders

HB0959/CH620: Health Insurance - Consumer Protections

HB0970: Health Insurance - Reimbursement of Primary Care Providers - Bonus Payments - Applicability

HB0978/CH0399: Maryland Insurance Administration - Pharmacy Services Administrative Organziations - Regulation

 HB1007: Task Force to Study the Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise Program

HB1014: Electricity - Considerations for Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity and Overhead Transmission Lines

HB1079: Sickle Cell Trait Screening, Treatment, Education and Public Awareness (Journey's Law)

HB1100: Presription Drug Affordability Board - Meeting, Legal Advisor, Reports and Technical Changes

HB1110: Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Military Retirement Income

HB1112: Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Interstate Compact

 HB113: State Finance and Procurement - Procurement Improvement Council - Form for Discussion and Report on the Required Use of eMaryland Marketplace

HB1119: Pharmacists - Required Notification and Authroized Substitution - Lower-Cost Drug or Device Product

HB1121: Maryland Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Registry and Referral System

HB1122: State Government - Protection of Personally Identifiable Information - Public Institutions of Higher Education

HB1150: State Health and Welfare Benefits Program - Maryland Competitive Pharmacy Benefits Manager Marketplace Act

HB1165: Health Insurance - Provider Panels - Coverage for Nonparticipating Providers

HB1169: Health Servics Cost Review Commission - Community Benefits - Reporting

HB1208: Telehealth - Mental Health and Chronic Condition Management Services - Coverage and Pilot Program

HB1212: Department of the Environment, Department of Transportation, and State Highway Administration - Permits With Impact Studies - Hearings

HB1250: Education - Length of the School Year - Declared State of Emergency (Kathryn Marie Carmello's Law)

HB1277: University of Maryland - Harford Memorial Hospital Closure - Economic Impact Study

HB1278: Voice Over Internet Protocol - Robocalls - Customer Information

HB1307/CH0455: Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Credentialing and Reimbursement

HB1316: Residential Construction - Electric Vehicle Charging

HB1332: State Budget

HB1334: Drugged Driving - Controlled Dangerous Substance Testing - Authorized Police Officers

HB1348: Criminal Procedure - Sex Offender Registration - Indecent Exposure by Inmate

HB1356: Office of the Attorney General - Health Insurer Concentration - Study

HB1362: Harford County - Transfer Tax - Distribution of Proceeds

HB1366: Harford County - Telecommunications Service Tax - Authorization

HB1415: Health Facilities - Residential Service Agencies - Compliance with State Labor Laws

HB1447: Department of Information Technology - Study of a Common Information Technology Platform for Health Occupations Boards

HB1448: Commissioner of Labor and Industry - Classification of Employees and Independent Contractors - Guidelines

HB1473: Workgroup on Establishing a Science and Technology Best Practices and Innovation Network

HB1488: Certified Local Farm Enterprise Program and Certified Local Farm Enterprise Food Aggregation Grant Fund - Establishment

HB1529: Drunk and Drugged Driving - Testing - Warrants

HB1543: Envionment - Climate Crisis and Education Act

HB1553/CH0514: Identification Cards and Driver's License Renewals - Inmantes

HB1568: Labor and Employment - Health Care Facilities - Worklace Safety (Safe Care Act)

HB1571/CH0490: Hospitals - Changes in Status - Hospital Employee Retraining and Placement

 HB1647: Gaming - Task Force to Study Online Gaming

HB0340: State Government - Protection of Information - Revisons (Maryland Data Privacy Act)



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